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Jl.Angkasa Kav-B6 Mall Mega Glodok Kemayoran Blok:D5 NO.1,Blok:A10 NO.1,Blok:A10 NO.11
Jakarta Pusat 10610, Jakarta
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Bostik, sealants, adhesives, waterproofing
Pricetelp 33832900 , 085883358833 , 087882014995, 021-65866430
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Bostik 101 Scraper / 101R Brush/ Roller Grade Contact Adhesive , Bostik 1492 Spray Grade Contact Adhesive, Bostik 2700/ 2701 Spray Grade Contact Adhesive , Bostik Anchor- Weld 2800FF Spray Grade Fabric & Foam Contact Adhesive, Bostik 1768 Brush/ Roller Grade/ 1774 Spray Grade Contact Adhesive, Bostik 1830/ 1831 Polystyrene Safe Spray Grade Adhesive, Bostik Contact Bond, 5612 Butyl Mastic Sealant, Bostik Flex E Duct II - Duct Sealant, Bostik 1465 Duct Sealant, Bostik 1128/ 5603 Heat Transfer Sealant, Bostik 5250 Sealing Strip, Bostik 5240 Sealing Strip, Bostik 5214, Bostik 9907 Cleaner, Bostik Handi - Clean Towels, Bostik ASA Superglue , ASA Conflex, ASA Megafix, ASA Excelflex Trade, ASA Asaflex, ASA Superfixall, ASA Fixall, ASA Mastik, ASA Multifix, ASA Extraflex, Dampfix Gold, ASA White Smooth Grout, ASA Coloured Grout, ASA Sanded Grout, ASA Megagrout HD, AV 101, High Solids Grade, AV 140, General Purpose, AV 260 Crosslink Resin Part A, AV 270, Crosslink PVA Single Pack, AV 275, Crosslink PVA Single Pack, AV XL PLUS, Crosslinking PVA Single Pack, AV XL VP, Crosslinking PVA Single Pack, AV 180, MDF Board & Joinery Adhesive, AV 56, Melamine Laminating Board Adhesive, AV 201 Resin Part A, Bostik Glazing Silicone, Bostik Industrial Grade Silicone, Butyl Tape / Glazing Tapes, 1465 Duct Sealant, Flex - E - Duct II Duct Sealant, Bostik Glue Guns, Bostik Hot Melt Glue Sticks, Bostik Super Glue, Bostik Craft Glue, Bostik Hobbycraft, Bostik Tacky Craft, Bostik Spray Adhesive, BluTack, Bostik Glu Stik, Bostik Blu Stik, Bostik Fine & Wide, Bostik Glu Pen, Bostik Kids Paste, Bostik Kids PVA, Bostik Glu Tape ( 12 metres) , Bostik Glu Stik Ultra, Plumb- Weld PVC Pipe Cement Type N ( Blue & Clear) , Plumb- Weld PVC Pipe Cement Type P ( Green) , Plumb- Weld Priming Fluid ( Red & Clear) , Bostik Roof and Gutter Silicone, Bostik Roof & Gutter Colour, Bostik Kitchen & Bathroom Silicones ( ACETIC CURE) , Bostik Kitchen & Bathroom Silicones ( NEUTRAL CURE) , Plumb- Seal, Plumb- Weld Gas Pipe Thread Sealant, Z- Bond Plumbers Bedding Putty, Seal N Flex 1, Seal N Flex FC, Seal N Flex AC, Fireban One, Firecaulk, Roof & Gutter Silicone, Glazing Silicone, Zbond 6S, Zbond 8S, Wallboard & Flooring Adhesive, Ultragrip, Boscoseal PU, Ultraseal, Dampfix Gold, Boscoseal AC1, Boscoseal AC2, Boscoseal AC3, Moisture Seal, Epoxycote WB, Paveseal SB, Aquashield SB40, Guardcote WB, AVS Dampseal HP, AVS Suregrip, AVS Armagrip Coloured, AVS Decofloor, AVS Wetlook, AVS Dynacryl, AVS Slatemaster, AVS Beckothane, AVS Flexithane, Patchfix Epoxy Binder, Patchfix Fine Filler, Patchfix Coarse Filler, Patchfix Epoxy Paste, Techflow Epoxy Grout, Patchfix Structural HB, Patchfix Concrete, Patchfix Render Fine, Patchfix Panel Repair HB, Bond N Cure, Flowfill Grout GP, Flowfill UW, Flowfill Panel Grout, Flowfill Grout XP, Techflow Grout HS, Techflow Grout HES, Techflow Grout GP, Techflow LA Grout, DIY All Purpose Silicone, DIY Glazing Silicone, DIY Roof & Gutter Silicone, DIY Kitchen & Bathroom Silicone, Seal N Flex Construction, Seal N Flex Landscape, Seal N Flex Auto / Marine, Clear Seal, Paintable Sealant, Colourseal, Fill- A- Gap, Bog, Kwik Set, Interior Timber Filler, Fine Finish, Light Filler, Heavy Filler, Colourseal, Expanda Foam, Flexible Filler, Fill- A- Gap, Fix It Once Multi Bond, Fix It Once Super Glue, Fix It Once Contact Grip, Fix It Once Pool Repair Adhesive, No More Nails, Seal N Flex Construction, Seal N Flex Landscape, Seal N Flex Auto / Marine, Gel Contact Bond, Instant- PRO Timber Floor Adhesive, Instant- PRO Interior Floor & Wall Tile Adhesive, Instant- PRO Mosaic Adhesive, Instant- PRO Tile & Grout Cleaner, Instant- PRO Grout Sealer, Instant- PRO Timber Floor Adhesive, Instant- PRO Carpet & Cork Tile Adhesive, Instant- PRO Synthetic Turf Adhesive, Instant- PRO Vinyl & Carpet Tile Adhesive, Instant- PRO Skirting Board Adhesive, Instant- PRO Sheet Vinyl, Never- Seez Anti Seize Regular Grade, Never- Seez Anti Seize Pure Nickel Special, 2402 Two Component Neoprene Adhesive, Super Strength Epoxy, Epoxy Bond, 7431 / 7432 Industrial Superglue, Simson ISR 70 03, Simson ISR 70 03 sskf, Simson ISR 70 05, Simson ISR 70 08, Simson ISR 70 12, Simson Primer M, Simson Primer G, Simson Primer G Extra, Bostik Autoseal Glass Cleaner/ Activator, Simson Primer K1, Ultralevel SL, Ultralevel HD, Ultralevel Bulkout, Ultrarapid Set, Ultra Fine Finish, Ultralevel Primer, Ultra NP Primer, Ultraset SF, Ultraset Overlay, Timberset, Hardwood Repair Kit, Wood- mans Decks, Wood- mans Cladcoat, Woodmans Woodwash, Wood- mans Primeall UV,

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virlie enginering co
YM : virlie_darius@
LIVE: virlie.darius@
email: mgkkemayoran@
pin BB 24D2BA42
telp 33832900, 085883358833, 087882014995, 081388688801, 021-65866430
MGK Mega Kemayoran
GF block A10 no 1
GF block A10 no 11
Jl. Angkasa Kav B-6
Kota Baru Bandar Kemayoran Jakarta Pusat 10610
jalan raya angkasa kav B6 central Jakarta 10610
mall mega glodok kemayoran A 10 no 1 GF
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